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The Arduino sprite will automatically find the usb port where the board is connected. It is possible to connect to multiple boards at the same time by just adding a new Arduino sprite. S4A works with Arduino Diecimila, Duemilanove and Uno. Other boards haven’t been tested, but they may also work. Components have to be connected in a particular way. You can manage a board wirelessly by attaching an RF module to it, such as Xbee.

S4A allows you to control as many boards as USB ports you have. 75 ms, therefore the pulse width needs to be greater than this time period. If you wish to help us continue developing and maintaining this project, you can always make a donation! Team and it has been used since by many people in a lot of differents projects around the world. Here you’ll find all the documentation, videos, examples and exercices we have created. A simple example showing how to trigger an LED by pushing a button.

Using an RGB LED from Scratch. An LED that switches state when we push a button. Using the input of a photoresistor sensor to trigger an LED. Some of the following demos are in Catalan or Spanish, but the images pretty much speak for themselves. Some of the videos have English subtitles as well. A robot with a rotative camera, distance sensors and a remote control.

XBee wireless module, three IR sensors, a camera module and three servomotors. Both S4A as HiS4A must be connected to the same local network! HTTP message protocol, so it is also possible to interact to S4A from a browser or any other network enabled application. Merged servo blocks, now pins 8, 7 and 4 can be used for standard and CR servomotors. Here you’ll find the detailed steps to get it up and running. S4A works in the three major consumer operating systems.

Take in account Arduino Uno requires at least version 0022. Smalltalk image, all of its code is actually shipped with the final user version itself. S4A «File» menu and select «Exit User Mode». 8 image, and have access to a Browser, Workspace and all tools you’re used to. As a response to requests by the S4A community, several of our students, and users around the globe, we are developing a series of kits that will provide the necessary hardware to get started with S4A, with preinstalled firmware and documentation. These kits will come in incremental upgrades, so that you won’t need to pay for components you don’t require for your project.

Can the S4A firmware damage the board? In fact, our «firmware» is just like any other Arduino sketch, so there is no risk at all. Of course, you can upload other sketches to the board and then upload the S4A firmware again when needed. Can the S4A programs be pushed into the Arduino board? There is currently no way to compile code into Arduino binaries. In other words, it was not made to program the board directly, but to help learn programming and electronics at the same time.

Can I change the pinout configuration? Pin configuration is hardcoded both in the firmware and in the source code of S4A, and the way S4A is made does not allow to change source code «on the fly». So, until we find a better way or enhance the communication protocol between the board and the program, the only way to customize the pinout is by changing both S4A source code and the firmware. Which boards does S4A support? Will S4A work on my PC? So yes, it will most probably work on your PC. The Debian version of S4A is packaged only for i386 systems. Gatekeeper is set up by default to allow downloaded applications only from «Mac App Store and identified developers». To install S4A, you’ll need to change this option to «Anywhere». This is a common known issue in Windows operating systems. USB cable, plugging it again and restarting the connection. If the program still does not detect the board, there may be a conflicting serial COM port causing S4A to hang when trying to open it. Arduino COM port through the Windows Device Manager.