Maine coon kittens for sale malta

Tiny Toy Yorkshire Terriers Puppies 2. Tiny ,Micro chipped ,Vet health checked Yorkshire terrier puppies . 4 beautiful scottish fold kittens. 2 silver tabby and 1 smokey . One male one female for sale. Currently 4 weeks and a day old. I have a female all white kitten available. Dewormed, vaccinated and litter trained. 3 […]

Spraying your cat

Why is my Cat Soiling Indoors? Cats are meticulous animals and usually confine their toilet behaviour to the litter tray or garden. The smell of cat urine in the house, or the discovery of faeces in the corner of the room, can be worrying. Illness, being trapped in a room or a sudden fright may […]

Will cats stop spraying after neutering

Is your cat urine marking every corner of your house? Worry no more, because in this article you will learn why cats spray urine and how to stop this natural, but unwanted, behavior. The smell alone in disturbing, not to mention the sight of a cat positioning his bottom against the wall and spraying a burst of […]

Remove dog urine smell from house

Please forward this error screen to 101. Please forward this error screen to 96. We all love our dogs, but sometimes accidents can happen and cleanup can be a difficult challenge. This is especially true if you’re dealing with problems like getting dog urine out of carpet or upholstery pieces. When trying to find the right dog […]


Catrice Filialen in Ihrer Nähe: Um Filialen in Ihrer Nähe zu finden, wählen Sie bitte das Land und geben Sie die gewünschte Postleitzahl ein. Alternativ können Sie auch nach dem Namen eines Ortes suchen. Es werden nur Filialen in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz angezeigt. Welcome to Catrice Jacla and Jay Gottlieb’s Wedding Website! View […]

Cat neutering recovery

My little Toodles is getting neutered on Wednesday i have taken the day off and next day to keep him company and stop him jumping around. Separate names with a comma. As don’t think that he will be himself. Just wanted to see what type of time frame you guys think it will be before […]

How do i make my male cat stop spraying

Why Is My Cat Peeing Everywhere? If you’ve come home to the smell of cat pee then you’re probably wondering «Why is my cat peeing everywhere? Find out the top reasons why here. Why is My Cat Peeing Everywhere? If you’ve had a cat for long enough then you’ve probably witnessed them peeing somewhere they […]

Will female cats spray when in heat

How to Deal With a Female Cat in Heat. An un-spayed female cat comes into heat every three to four weeks, and she’s not usually quiet about it! This period, when she’s most receptive to getting pregnant, can last for up to seven days. This means you might have a highly hormonal cat on your […]

How to stop stray cats peeing inside

How to Stop Cats from Peeing on the Front Porch. Nobody wants to come home to the smell of cat pee in their front porch. However, cats are not just using your front entrance as a cat toilet. They are more likely marking the space as high value territory. To stop the problem, it helps […]

Cat pee stains on hardwood floors

If you have both a cat and wood floors, you will eventually need to know how to remove cat urine odor from wood floorboards. The floor may seem clean, but urine can seep between the boards or beneath cracks in the sealant if their are any. This will allow odors to reappear later due to […]