Feline spray

So much about pheromones in general. But what about cats specifically? The most significant ones are on their cheeks and chin, on their paw pads, and in the perianal area. Why do cats spray urine? Sometimes the message being sent is aggressive, and sometimes it is not. Also very important to cats are the pheromones produced by glands on their paw pads.

As cats scratch surfaces, they not only leave visible markings, but they also leave a scent which, for a while, tells other cats who was there, how long ago, and, likely, what their mood and intentions were. Now we get to the more important area of pheromones used by cats. Those are ones produced by glands at their cheeks and are released by rubbing against something, or someone. Cats use these pheromones for two reasons: to greet other cats and show them that they are in a friendly mood, and to scent mark familiar objects. We’ve recently heard a comparison made between this behavior and our own behavior when we visit an unknown place such as a hotel room. We usually tend to make that room familiar by, for example, placing a family photo or our favorite flowers on a cupboard.

It’s safe being near it. How can you use a synthetic derivative of feline pheromones to modify your cat’s behavior? Use your imagination in applying these synthetic pheromones. How can it not be safe if some other cat has marked this object as being so? Create a separate room for him so his experiences are not overwhelming, and plug in a pheromone diffuser. In this case, the whole room will be filled with cat-friendly pheromones. This way, your cat will be more relaxed and will not suffer as much stress.

If your cats at home do not get along well, it is important to calm the aggressive cat and build up confidence in the pariah cat. One common way to address inter-cat aggression is to start over. This is the object cats are afraid of the most. When you bring something new into your household, it’s not always appreciated by your cat, even if it is something that should enrich your cat’s life, such as a cat tree. In this case, spraying the newly acquired item with pheromones makes your cat understand there should be no stress about it. Remember, synthetic feline pheromones are not a magic wand that solves all of your problems.

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