Homemade no pee spray for dogs

I found keeping my water hoses connected, a blast in the face was a reminder. I now have a dog and don’t have issues either. Being consist will send the signal of which yards to stay away from. For creating noise factor, bang a foil pie pan with cooking spoon, and run after them. I work too hard to have others cats or animals destroy my yard.

So I expect my neighbors with pets to contain or control theirs. Pet shops, and possibly hardware stores, have different kinds of repellents to keep animals away from areas of your yard. I used to sprinkle hot, peppery types of spices around, but then someone on this forum told me it could hurt the animals’ noses. So I guess it’s smarter just to get something made for the job. I know there is a spray that you spray around your house where you don’t want dogs to go. Is there also a spray to keep cats away?

There are tons of cats around my house and you can smell cats when you leave the house. Straight bleach in my kitchen trash can worked. I used a spray bottle to dowse the smelly food type items and the edge of the can, and after two weeks they are leaving it alone. I still have the occasional mishap but it’s no longer every night. Caution: Will kill grass and discolor some siding and paint. Should keep kitties off the porch. Or you can try a «Citrus» mix of lemon juiuce, and a cheap cleaner.

Petsmart carries a number of sprays that you can use. We have the same problem with a neighbor’s cat «spraying» outside our house. It seems to work pretty well. We just leave the can outside in our bushes and spray the area the cat seems to «target» every day or so. My friend had a big problem with cats peeing and pooing in his garden. He got a spray bottle and mixed water, Tabasco sauce, and pee.

Yes, he used his own pee, not a lot. The mix was mostly water, so people could not smell it, even in hot summer. He hardly saw a cat, or cat mess in his garden after that. Cats don’t like a citrus smell, and so spreading orange or lemon peels will help. What I used when I had a stray cat spraying the front of my house was lemon scented Mr. I doused the sprayed spot with this, and this seemed to discourage the stray cat.

I have used pellets to spread on the ground that I got from a hardware store, but they had an odd smell that I found disturbing. The cats didn’t like it either, but I prefer the Mr. The pellets had to be reapplied after every rain. They keep the cats away all right, but they smell much worse than the cat smell. Besides, they are toxic to many other things, including people. I need to know how to make a homemade cat repellent for house plants.

What I do is use the mesh bags that onions come in and spread them on the top of the soil in your plants. The cats don’t like it because the mesh gets caught in their claws. Make a «Cayenne Pepper Tinture». This will keep most animals off of any plants. The only bad effect for them might be a sneeze! Is ammonia good for keeping stray cats from pooping in the dirt beside my front porch? What household products can I use to keep cats off my property? There is a product called Indoor No. It’s a spray and can probably be found in pet stores. Also, I’ve read that citrus works well. How do you deter cats from using the edge around the house to do their business? It’s keeping the grass from growing, and stinking up the place.