How to get cat wee smell out of carpet

If ye goat pit oot yer pals wid let ye back in through the fire exit. Deliberately behaving in an obtuse manner. Twelve pints isnae enuff tae get ye pished so dinnae act it. Off or from, depending on usage. Used for denial of any allegation directed at oneself. An then yer arse fell aff. A term used when someone is bullshitting.

That is not so good. Away an bile yer heid ya numpty,ye dinnae ken whit yer talkin aboot. To go up and down to every house in the district. Shortening of Aye Ma Aunt Fannie. A refined version of awa tae fuck yer talkin pish. One with an over-inflated opinion of their own importance. Yer mate’s near as ba’-heidit as you r!

I will meet you at either 5 mins to 10, 10 o’clock or 5 mins after. See that Sean, thas a bajin, he’s oanly chibbed tha’ puur Mrs Wummin ferrer pension’Badness personified, as in Rank Bajin, the dastardly criminal genius against whom Lobey Dosser is pitted in the comic strips. Noun: One with an exaggerated opinion of their own importance. Similar to heid-the-ba’ and ba’-heid. Sometimes used more generally for a fool, but especially one who is an extremely confident fool. Example: Ignore him, wi his big BMW an his swimmin pool.

Aberdonian abusive term for non-educated delinquent. A term for Glasgow’s Barlinnie Prison otherwise known as the big hoose or the Riddrie Hilton. Awa an hae a wash, yi barkit wee minker». A bit of bother, a scuffle. A boil or very angry plook! Something that is very good.

Great, brilliant — as in : «Thon wis the berries! Annual holiday in Blairgowrie — the berry picking season. Minkers from all over Scotland gather together to pick the berries and get pished a lot. Originally a broomstick, now means a cheeky hussy, loose woman, or hing oot. As in «Yi gallus wee besom, eh’ll skelp yir erse! Partner in co-habiting unmarried relationship. Heap of shale and other mining detritus, common feature at one time of the landscapes of West Fife, West Lothian and Lanarkshire.

Who can say in their heart of hearts that they have not gasped at the magnificence of one of these industrial mountains, steaming slightly even in the pouring rain? Now sadly being landscaped, used as road-fill, turned into golf courses and otherwise diminished. A sad loss to Scotland’s industrial landscape not. Example: The wean wis birlin roon an roon oan the swivel chair, but she startit tae boak. Someone talking rubbish, in the listener’s opinion. A never seen entity always hiding in dark places.

It had a strap across the top for a handlebar. Snot in yer nose,usually runny an nae very nice. Example ‘She talks wi a bool in her mooth’ ie posh! A wee shepherds hut or roughly built holiday cottage. Adjective: Smelly, dirty like mingin with the emphasis on the smelly. Ah wisht ah’d washed ma jumper efter ah wis sick oan it last week. It’s pure bowfin noo, so it is. Excellence, usually associated with an individual. Haw, yerr takin me oot for a bevvy are ye. I was caught with my breeks doon, I was fair affronted!