How to remove urine smell from carpet humans

The pungent smell of dog urine becomes even more upsetting if you use certain regular detergents because of the unwanted volatile byproducts generated by normal bacterial processes. If you try to remove the mess made by your dog with household detergents or home-prepared solutions, ammonia based or vinegar, you can further intensify the stench and the stain will still not go away. The smell of ammonia will attract your dog in the same place because it is a byproduct of urine and using it will only intensify the smell instead of removing it. Vinegar acts primarily as a disinfectant and often does nothing but reduce the urine odor temporarily due to bacteria in the environment. Another way that will not help you find out how to get rid of dog urine smell is to use a steam machine trying to remove the odor from carpets, furniture or floors.

Steam appliances are excellent for usual dirt removal, but the heat helps organic stains settle through the carpet fibers, leaving a permanent odor. If you can, it would be essential to act immediately and remove the fresh traces of urine. If you do not want to replace your carpet or refurbish, then you should pick a product that is especially designed to remove dog urine smell. Even if you have special products, the process is not easy and you might need other accessories, such as a UV lantern and ultra-absorbent cloths. Dogs can bring happiness in every family. However, there are a few unpleasant situations they might create, such as peeing inside the house and leaving it smelling quite repulsive.

This situation is often generated by their innate behavior to mark their territory. If your dog has marked a certain area, it will often return to the same place and pee again regardless of your actions. This situation could degenerate in case you own more than one dog. Peeing in different corners of your home might become a competition. Although urine dries, the smell remains. Fortunately there are quick and effective solutions that can help you get rid of such unpleasant smell without using dangerous chemicals or ineffective odorants.

Our piece on the topic will give you more information and options for your dog. Like any modern solution, Nok-Out works quickly, is easy to use, non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-flammable and environmentally friendly. It removes the smell of urine in record time if it is sprayed directly on the source of odor. It can also be sprayed in the air for a more rapid elimination of odor. Washing the area with classic detergents. Uric acid is extremely insoluble and tends to remain soaked in any type of surface. By washing it with classic detergents, you will only get rid of the problem temporary.

In no time, the smell will reactivate and seem to be more disturbing than it was before because the smelly crystals were not dissolved. If you pile a few paper towels and apply them on the stained area, they will inhibit the evaporation of urine odor, but this is not a permanent solution. They are absorbent, but not as absorbent as cloths. Sometimes, dogs find these paper towels attractive and they tend to urinate all over them when you are not paying attention. Believe it or not, some people use this mouthwash solution in order to remove the smell of dog pee. However, even if it works temporarily, the smell returns just like in the case of the other regular cleaning products.

Known as a great absorbent of moisture and odors, corn flour is used as a measure of last resort. However, no one would like to turn their home into a pastry-looking kitchen. Chlorine is quite efficient, but it cannot be used all over the house. Its usage excludes carpets, clothes, floors, chairs and so on. The solution must come into contact with the dog urine or the surface in which it is soaked, no matter how deeply it penetrated the area. Different surfaces require different cleaning techniques.

The solution must remain in contact with the affected area long enough in order to act on the bio-enzymatic uric acid crystals and the other components of urine. Some manufacturers recommend a period of 24 hours. In some cases, more than one application might be necessary. Old stains or areas previously cleaned with other solutions are more difficult to clean. Also, areas where a dog peed more than once will require the usage of more product and more patience. Soak the stain well and leave the solution dry slowly. Do not force the drying process. The more absorbing a surface is, the more solution you will be required to use. Do not spray on dogs or people. These special solutions are not harmful to the environment, but they are not designed for such use. These solutions are safe to use on water resistant areas, but it is always safer to check before use. Never use more than one cleaning solution at once. This would reduce the effectiveness of the chosen solution. If other chemicals were previously used, you should remove the residues by rinsing them with water, let them get dry completely and then use another solution.