My cat wont stop peeing around the house

Whenever she actually picks up the ball and tries to bring it back, Reward her! Simple playful pets work great! Don’t spoil her with rewards though. If you spoil her, then she’ll just turn into a snobby cat like your friend’s cat. Rewards should be random after she realises the routine. I recommend a small room because it makes it easier to go back and forth. Keep your cat interested in chasing the ball and bringing it back to you.

I picked her up a lot of times, put the ball in my mouth and brought her and the ball back to the starting point. Give her a treat once in a while. Flip her over, pet her. Repetition is the key but there is a fine line. Don’t make it into a military drill or your cat will never fetch and someday eat you in your sleep. Remember, your kitty is not a doggy.

My new found kitten seems to be a natural at fetching. Seems I have a natural fetcher. I was checking online to see how common it is and ended up here. I’ve noticed that he’s routine oriented and I suspect that most cats are as well. IE, I have to be in the living room throwing and for him to return the ball. If i do the same from the kitchen, he’s confused and doesn’t return the ball.

Also of note, Juby learned to turn on our touch sensitive faucet to get himself a drink any time he wants after about 20 minutes of instruction on how to work it. The tap has a safety and turns itself after 4 minutes. Why did you name your cat Juby? We got him from a shelter. Actually he spent his first year in a cage its sad. The previous owner who gave him up, or the shelter called him Jube-Jube.

I guess because he’s black? Anyhow we just call him Juby and ‘The Jube-ster». He seems to respond well to it. He’s a bit of work, as he’s a wire chewer. Loves anything from USB to power cords. We’ve tried everything to stop him.

I had a cat that just did this on command, I would say «Mitten» and she would bring me this balled up mitten of hers. I would throw it and she would bring it back to me, we would do it for hours. I ve been trying to get my cats to fetch without success. I ll try your method. I adore the fact you rescued the poor kitten! Female cats are much smarter than males.

It’s just the same in every species and especially human. I didn’t even have to teach my kitty to fetch. I’m teaching my kitten that A. When i got my cat I was so happy. I always said «Kiss» and then put her lips to mine. Now whenever I hold her near my face and repeat the command she gives me a Kiss. If you want to teach a cat to play silly games, it is best to start when they are small, 6 mo or less. An older cat can still learn, but are more likely to look at you like you’ve lost your marbles and continue doing whatever they were doing. Younger cats can get up in the fun of it all a lot easier Also, I realized, when teaching my cats silly stuff, I have always talked to them like dogs, they seem to understand that the change in how I am talking to them means something, so I have my normal everyday voice, one to let the cats know they did bad, one to praise, and the «talk like a dog owner» to play. All I did to teach my older cats fetch was to throw a paperball for them and call them back once they had it. I have cats and 3 learned this way. I thought to myself, «OK, it’s a cat, fetch is nothing new to me with cats» and threw it again.