Purina cat food for urinary problems

With Bifensis Dual Defense formula. Highly digestible dry food for house cats. Made with chicory to reduce litter box odour and a fibre mix to reduce hairball formation. Also contains Bifensis Dual Defense formula. Innovative chicken-rich kibble with omega 3, antioxidants and balanced mineral content helps to supports a healthy urinary tract.

With Bifensis Dual Defense which supports natural antibody production. Dry cat food with quality protein, it helps minimises hairball formation and encourages a beautiful coat. With Bifensis Dual Defense, a unique formula which supports your cat’s health inside and out. Tasty kibble for sterilised cats. Bifensis Dual Defense formula and all key nutrients. Encourages natural antibody production, healthy skin, fur and urinary tract. Offer your neutered cat a unique and comprehensive nutritional support programme with this complete balanced dry cat food, designed to support urinary tract health and boost metabolic rates.

If your cat struggles to maintain a healthy weight, a low-fat dry cat food can help. This food is rich in chicken and also has a special complex which helps the body’s natural defences. Tasty dry food for adult cats, with Bifensis Dual Defence. This scientifically proven formula meets your cat’s nutritional needs. It supports natural antibody production, supple skin and shiny fur. Innovative dry food for adult cats. With Bifensis Dual Defense, scientifically proven to aid natural antibody production, healthy skin and shiny fur.

Functional dry food for adult cats, with Bifensis Dual Defense, a scientifically proven formula which aids natural antibody production. With all key nutrients to meet your cat’s nutritional needs. Easily digested kibble for kittens. With Bifensis Dual Defense, an exclusive formula scientifically proven to aid natural antibody production and support healthy development in growing cats. The page you requested could not be found. Please check and try again. Purina ONE cat food is enriched with all the vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals your cat needs for comprehensive health, designed to offer support at every stage throughout its life, including kitten, adult and senior options, as well as special needs varieties for cats that may struggle with sensitive, urinary problems or weight gain.

Purina ONE cat food is available in different sizes, including larger 3kg bags to stock up on your cat’s favourite kibble! Purina ONE cat food contains a unique Actilea Formula that optimises overall well-being and helps to support the immune system and digestive system. It contains prebiotics, antioxidants and yeast, all of which contribute to a healthy gut and balanced intestinal flora, as well as supporting immune functions and keeping your cat’s natural defences strong. Purina ONE cat food in 3kg, 800g, 1. 5kg or other sizes all contain the valuable nutrition your cat needs. Urinary problems and sensitivities can also be soothed with this range of diets, so browse the range and find the perfect complete balanced kibble for your feline.

Bifensis Dual Defence system that is scientifically proven to aid the production of antibodies and help to keep your cat healthy both inside and out. Purina ONE cat food range to help keep your older cat in glowing health, with 24 key vitamins and minerals as well as essential taurine. DHA, which can also be found in a mother cat’s milk. It is full of key nutrients to support healthy development both inside and out, as well as ensuring a great balance and the best start in life from weaning to 12 months. A Purina ONE cat food diet is a great way to ensure your cat is always receiving a delicious, nutritious meal that it will adore! Where available, delivery will be within the specified number of working days.

The delivery period begins when the order is dispatched except in the case of pre-payment. The delivery period for this begins the day after you instruct payment. If the last day of the delivery period falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the deadline is automatically extended to the next working day. Please forward this error screen to 162. Improve your cat’s diet with Purina ONE cat food, browse the range and find the best product for your cat’s needs at the best price. Pet supplies at their very best for you! Purina ONE cat food is made with recipes appropriate for the different stages of your cat’s life. It provides balanced nutrition for kittens to senior cats. All important nutrients, vitamins and minerals in Purina ONE help your cat to enjoy an active, healthy cat life.