Stop desexed male cat spraying

Late complications of neutering cats. Preputial scalding and infection — a potential complication of early underage desexing. Myth 2 — Desexed male cats become lazy and lose their drive to hunt mice, rats and vermin. Myth 4 — Male cats need to have sex before being desexed. Myth 6 — Vets just advise neutering for the money not for my cat’s health. FAQ 1 — Why won’t my veterinarian clean my cat’s teeth at the same time as desexing him?

FAQ 2 — Why shouldn’t my vet vaccinate my cat whilst he is under anaesthetic? FAQ 3 — Is desexing safe? It’s just a routine procedure isn’t it? FAQ 4 — My veterinarian offered to perform a pre-anaesthetic blood screening test — is this necessary? FAQ 5 — When is feline desexing surgery not safe to perform? The typical cost of neutering a tom cat at a veterinary clinic.

Where and how to source low cost and discount feline neutering. Feline birth control method 1 — separate the tom from the queen and prevent him from roaming. Feline birth control method 2 — spay your female cat. Feline birth control method 5 — feline vasectomy. Feline birth control method 6 — chemical castration — injecting sclerosing agents into the testicles. Anti-testosterone agents to reduce testosterone-related medical and behavioral problems. WARNING — IN THE INTERESTS OF PROVIDING YOU WITH COMPLETE AND DETAILED INFORMATION, THIS SITE DOES CONTAIN MEDICAL AND SURGICAL IMAGES THAT MAY DISTURB SOME READERS.

The remainder of the male cat’s reproductive tract structures: the prostate, bulbourethral gland, urethra, penis and much of the cat’s testicular blood vessels and spermatic ducts,are left intact. Neutering pros and cons — the reasons for and against feline neutering. There are many reasons why veterinarians and pet advocacy groups recommend the neutering ofentire male tomcats. Many of these reasons are listed below, however the list is byno means exhaustive. A litter of 3-week-old kittens dumped at a shelter in Australia. This was one of hundreds of feline litters dumped in that one shelter that year. Many of these animals do not ever get adopted from the pounds and shelters that take them in and need to be euthanased.

A lot of cost and effort and expertise goes into producing a quality litter for profitable sale. And that’s only if nothing goes wrong! On top of that, if you fail to do your homework and breed poor quality kittens or poorly socialisedkitties that won’t sell, then you’ve just condemned some of those young animals to a miserablelife of being dumped in shelters or on the streets. A spotted pardalote killed by a feral cat. By having companion tomcats neutered at young ages, they are unable to go out and mate with feral or stray queens and get them pregnant. Cat breeding is not merely the production of kittens, it is the transferral of genes and genetic traits from one generation to the next in a breed population. Petowners and breeders should desex male tom cats that have conformational, coloring and temperamental traits,which are unfavourable or faulty to the breed as a whole, to reduce the spread of thesedefects further down the generations.

There are hundreds of others. It is difficult to contract a testicular disease if you have no testicles. BPH, perianal adenoma and perineal herniation. Likewise, if these disease conditions are already present then,like the dog, desexing the cat may go some way towards helping to resolve and treat them. The testicles are responsible for producing testosterone: the hormone that makes male animals look and act like male animals. It is the testicles that make male catsexhibit the kinds of «male» testosterone-dependent behaviors normally attributed to an entire animal.

Additionally, entire male animals are more likely than neutered animals areto leave their yards and roam the countryside looking for females and trouble. The neutering of entire animals may reduce some of these problematic testosterone-mediated behaviours. Fighting between cats is more common when cats are left entireand undesexed. Owners of fighting cats often spend many hundreds of dollars treating theirpets for fight wounds and cat-fight abscesses. People with inside cats often have to put up with smelly urine and fecal odours coming fromtheir cats’ litter boxes just prior to those feline lavatories being cleaned out. Male cats that have been neutered do not seem to produce as pungent a urine smell asentire toms and, therefore, neutering should be considered a means by which owners of inside cats can seek to reduce litter box urine odors. As an added bonus, neuteringwill sometimes cure inappropriate spraying and toileting behaviour in some tomcats altogether. There are many reasons why some individuals, breeders and pet groups choose not to advocatethe sterilization of entire male cats. Many of these reasons have been listed below, however the list is byno means exhaustive. Because of this, what tends to happen is that most owners, unaware of this fact, continue to feed their neutered tomcats the same amount of food after the surgery that they did prior to the surgery, with the resultthat their feline pets become fat.