Strong smelling weed strains

Ohio, makers of the liquid adhesive. Gorilla Glue did not respond to interview requests. GG Strains CEO Catherine Franklin said. The straitlaced glue brand’s voice is drowned out by weed fans on social media. The Gorilla Glue case could have far-reaching implications for the cannabis industry where — due to a clash between state and federal laws — intellectual property rights remain largely unsettled.

Cannabis producers have long borrowed from pop culture to name their once-illicit marijuana flowers and infused food and drink. DC on licensed store shelves. Branch, an Oakland firm specializing in cannabis intellectual property law. In most industries, the owners of a hit product trademark its name before it is released or shortly thereafter. The federal government, however, doesn’t issue trademarks for marijuana strains, since the drug remains federally illegal. Instead, GG Strains has received state trademarks in Nevada and Colorado and applied for one in California.

Such protection is critical, since GG Strains sees itself as a licensing firm. 4, it can ask GG Strains to certify the product based on its look, smell and chemical composition. GG Strains has certified producers in California. 4, Sour Diesel and Blue Dream lack official certification. What one pot shop calls Sour Diesel might not exactly match the look, taste and effect of marijuana sold down the road under the same name. So far, GG Strains has been unable to settle with the Gorilla Glue Company.

Holiday, said court cases like this could hinge on the reasonable possibility of confusion between the products. For example, a cannabis soda brand that looked like Coca-Cola’s famous trademark would likely be infringing. Still, this particular area of the law remains undefined. And international law raises other issues. Franklin said he doesn’t expect dispensary customers to confuse the extremely potent, chocolate-fuel-smelling cannabis flower bud with a liquid polyurethane adhesive found in hardware stores. But as the case moves toward trial, GG Strains is concerned the suit was filed in a federal court in Ohio rather than in a Nevada state court.

Ohio legalized medical marijuana in 2016, but legal sales have not begun. For now, strain naming is still an informal process, and there are no laws requiring accurate strain labeling at the retail counter. But as the market grows, more companies are trying to protect their names. The Girl Scouts declined to comment. Alex Halperin is a Los Angeles freelance writer. Cannabis producers have long borrowed from pop culture.

Now, legalization could force producers to branch out. The award-winning California strain is a homonym of a popular candy from the Wrigley Co. This hybrid strain spotted in the Bay Area shares the name of a leading candy. One of the world’s most popular strains has drawn the youth organization’s ire. 1 strain references a popular adhesive. A popular type of OG Kush takes its name from George Lucas’ imagination, now property of the Walt Disney Co. An edible named after a DC Comics action hero.

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